Contemporary Landscape Architecture is the design of outdoor and public spaces utilizing the philosophies, technologies, and aesthetics of the current times.

Contemporary Landscape Architecture is innovative: Land Studio C is committed to designing the exterior landscape with a fresh perspective that combines the need for traditional spaces, such as gathering areas, with modern concerns such as carbon footprint, recycle/reuse, and water supply/quality.

Contemporary Landscape Architecture is sustainable: Sustainability aims to maintain a balance in nature where the world’s natural resources are preserved for future generations. Land Studio C understands how the design and creation of landscape affects natural systems and Land Studio C incorporates this understanding into every project. From site preparation to materials selection, our designs aim to have a positive impact on the environment.

Contemporary Landscape Architecture is environmentally friendly: Land Studio C is passionate about landscape and the connection between humans and nature. Outdoor spaces provide the venue for this interaction. It is this passion that drives us to reflect on every action and product involved in your landscape project. By knowing and understanding the environmental impacts, we can make decisions that are best for the environment and your landscape project. Each environmentally friendly decision affects us all and helps the planet as a whole.

Land Studio C strongly believes that “Think globally, act locally” is not just a saying, but an action.