Darren M. Reynolds

Background: Darren M. Reynolds is an accredited and award winning Landscape Architect with over 20 years of experice in landscape architecture. He has been a licensed Landscape Architect since 2001.
Darren is the founder and owner of Land Studio C.

Darren has ties back to Connecticut, Boston, and Los Angeles but has lived in the San Francisco Bay area since 1990. He greatly enjoys the opportunities the area provides for indoor-outdoor connection. It is this relationship that inspired him to turn his history of working with the outdoors into a career in landscape architecture.

In addition to being inspired by the environment and impassioned by the role landscape architects play as stewards of the land, he is moved daily by the love of his family. Darren strongly believes that his designs, greatly benefit from his understanding of how his two young daughters move through and interact with outdoor spaces.

Past Professional Experience: Darren M. Reynolds has worked for some of the great Bay Area landscape architects including: Tony Guzzardo, Melvin Lee, Antonia Bava, Jack Chandler, and Philip vanderToolen. From 1999 to 2009, Darren worked for Philip vanderToolen and from 2005-2009 Darren was Principal at vanderToolen Associates.