” Dear Land Studio C,
Thanks for your design work on the renovation of my back and front yards, both of which are now finished. I am very pleased with the result and am particularly grateful to you for your guidance re color mix and the placement of the trellises and pots. The secret of your overall success, to me, was your attention to my verbal and body language clues as to my requirements and vision….you pulled them out of me with patience and commitment. Thank you.”

-Peter B., San Rafael”

-Alex and Nick S., San Rafael, Ca

“Land Studio C handled my landscape project that involved filling in my 20,000 gallon pool and completely redoing all aspects of my back yard.  The difficulty was that no heavy equipment could be brought into the back of the property.  Almost everything had to be brought through the house.  His plans were well thought out.  He showed wonderful creativity and was very easy to work with.  I found his attention to detail made the entire project go smoothly. One more comment:  He was easy to reach by phone and e-mail, avoiding costly delays during the construction phase.”

-Sal S., Westlake Village, Ca

“After a lot of thought about building a new deck for our house, my husband and I decided we needed a landscape architect to design it for us.  Someone that would be able to translate our ideas for an outdoor living/dining/kitchen area into a reality.  We couldn’t have been luckier in meeting Darren Reynolds, the owner/architect/designer of Land Studio C.  Darren  is an unbelievably approachable, professional and creative designer,  He completely understood our wishes, ideas, needs, etc. and created what is now our “Summer Oasis”, or “Tuscan Garden” as many of our friends have referred to it.  Darren was always on time with his designs, plans and whatever else was asked of him, never once having made us feel we were asking too much .  We cannot say enough about Land Studio C and its very charming and creative owner, Darren Reynolds.”

-Diana R., Marin County

“I never realized how creative and how valuable Land Studio C would be until we started working together to understand our thoughts and wishes to design and transform our wild, overgrown, steep, unusable Marin backyard hill into a beautiful, natural, functional and usable property. …Land Studio C made the process simple and convenient, and full of value with his knowledge of hardscaping and landscaping to fall within our budget. He presented a full-scale architectural plan that gave us more than we could have imagined. It was easy to understand  and included flowers, plants and trees that are modern, interesting, and low maintenance. But best of all he gave us sun and amazing space to entertain and enjoy.
I absolutely recommend Land Studio C for any job, as he delivered on his promise, and transformed a useless overbearing hillside into a space that will yield fruits and vegetables, family memories, and everyday enjoyment.”

-Bret B. San Rafael, Ca

Streets of Brentwood

“A very nice shopping experience!  Beautiful architecture and landscaping….Simply put, my kids (and my wallet) love this place. Kid friendly, entertaining, convenient, and great variety of stores. The fountains are a godsend for calming a 2yr olds tantrum in public!”


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